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If you have the motivation and skills to present, why not become one of our speakers?

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André Melancia

andréMelancia {

Owner / Principal Consultant at LunarCat.PT
Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) focusing on SQL Server, Azure, IoT and Security.
19+ years' fun developing information and multimedia systems, DBA, project and IT management.
Data Community Portugal, IT Pro Portugal and PowerShell Portugal communities organiser.
IPv6 Portugal, DNSSec Portugal and Windows Development Portugal online communities moderator.
Actively volunteering, organising, speaking or just participating at community meetings and events around the world.
Proud uncle and food devouring expert, with dangerous рuϧϧy cat as companion.
Go to http://Andy.PT and you'll know the same as the NSA...
TypeScript? Hakuna Matata!


Catalin Gheorghiu

catalinGheorghiu {

Catalin Gheorghiu is a solution architect from Timisoara Romania. The current interests are in the area of (I)IoT, industrial mobile and cloud solutions. In addition to addressing the software development and architecture, is a trainer and consultant. In his spare time is member of the technical community, contributing with articles and blogs (signed MrSmersh), presentations to several user groups/meetups (also is RONUA Timisoara user group leader), and lecturing all over Romania and abroad.
Since 2011, every year he was awarded the Microsoft MVP Award.

Raspberry Pi simulator secrets


Dimcho Tsanov

dimchoTsanov {

Dimcho is a freelancer focused on the Office 365 field. He has been working with SharePoint ever since 2009 and has specialized in delivering SharePoint projects.
From the beginning of 2018 he moves to the software product business by implementing Office 365 add-ins.
Dimcho has also written the book - To Be A Millionaire (http://tobe-millionaire.com)
Office UI Fabric - building modern Office 365 applications


Georgi Parlakov

georgiParlakov {

Georgi is fullstack web developer. He loves simple and well tested software solutions. Works with DotNet and Angular plus Typescript. Other that that is a Docker novice, TDD practitioner and keen on all things Dev. He is also father of a beautiful girl, blogger, occasional meetup and event speaker and is an aspiring open source contributor.
Dockerizing Angular Contribution


Igor Joshevski

igorJoshevski {

Web developer for many years now, worked on both backend and frontend development, in last few years focused on JavaScript development. Currently work as Technology Line Manager at Seavus. IoT amateur using Arduino and Raspberry PI.
CSS headache in Angular


Iliya Idakiev

iliyaIdakiev {

Ilia Idakiev is a software developer-entrepreneur, as well as a JavaScript enthusiast who has many years of experience in web application development. He is a co-organizer of Angular Sofia and SofiaJS / BeerJS, and he is a lecturer at Sofia University of the "Advanced JavaScript" course at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. In his spare time he likes collecting and playing vinyl on different musical events.
Web Components Everywhere


Ivan Jovanovic

ivanJovanovic {

Ivan is the senior software engineer, team lead, speaker, and mentor. His focus is on building scalable JS applications and experimenting with new languages and frameworks. He is into functional and reactive programming. Leading teams and mentoring junior developers is his everyday duty. He loves to share knowledge and to write on his tech blog.
Micro Frontends - A Microservice Approach To The Modern Web


Ivan Vlaevski

ivanVlaevski {

Ivan Vlaevski is a veteran software developer, architect and consultant focused on helping companies and individuals to succeed with their ventures.
As co-founder and Principal Consultant for Vlaevski Ltd., he provides guidance and implementation services to companies looking to leverage cloud computing in reasonable price range.
Ivan has worked for and consulted with companies from startups to large companies on a variety of programming languages and frameworks, business and product architectures, team sizes and production workflows, and more.
Chatbots Point of View


Ivelin Andreev

ivelinAndreev {

Ivelin is an external ICT expert in the European Commission, Eurostars-Eureka programme and Innovation Fund Denmark. He is a software architect and senior project manager at Interconsult Bulgaria , Microsoft professional developer, Microsoft Data Platform and Azure specialist.
With 15 years of strong experience in design and development of Web systems, SOA, integration and data management he is a practical man who always tries to balance between risk and flexibility.
Never scared of work he has turned the weighing of pros and cons into own marked style that urges to make conscious decisions.
Building Smart Web Apps with Cognitive Services AI


Martin Chaov

martinChaov {

Martin is a Plovdiv based design and software enthusiast. Attention to detail and pedantry are part of his day-to-day work. He maintains an open mind and is always on the lookout for new technologies and opportunities to use them.
Currently he is part of a very focused team working with mobile technologies covering everything that has a touch screen interface.
Starting with programming: getting that developer job you want


Nikolay Nikolov

nikolayNikolov {

Nikolay is a Full Stack Software Developer working at Accedia who combines his work life with university studies. Although his career took off with various .NET projects and certifications, he currently finds JavaScript tech quite fascinating and chooses to battle alongside React/React Native on a daily basis. Being a former contestant in mathematics, informatics, and physics, he knows a thing or two apart from software development. You may always find him for a chat on any software, technology or science related topic.
React Native: A Practical Guide For The Web Developer


Pavel Kolev

pavelKolev {

Pavel Kolev is Co-Founder and Lead Developer @ Rebellious Software - a game development startup. Prior to that, he was Principal Software Engineer @ Telerik / Progress. Working professionally as a developer for the past 10 years. A real JavaScript die-hard supporter. @PavelKolev7
The current state and future of JavaScript


Plamen Zdravkov

plamenZdravkov {

Currently I am a Principal Developer in Kendo team at Progress. Have been creating, supporting, evolving and maintaining reusable WEB components in Telerik and Progress for almost 8 years. For this time I have over 10 000 answered customer questions in different areas- ASP .NET (WebForms and MVC), javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, Angular 2+ and VueJS. I have built, fixed bugs, added features and written tests for many widgets and components like: Scheduler, Gantt, SpeadSheet, TreeView, ComboBox, DropDownList, MultiSelect, AutoComplete, Upload and I am probably missing some of them.
Three Points of Vue


Radi Atanassov

radiAtanassov {

Radi Atanassov is a professional SharePoint architect, a Microsoft Certified Master in SharePoint 2010 and a die-hard "fanatic" when it comes to SharePoint application development. With many years full of development experience, Radi's background demonstrates strong ambitions to achieve the greatest quality, architecture, attention to detail and smooth processes when leading teams to create applications on top of SharePoint. Radi is the founder and lead architect of OneBit Software, a Sofia-based SharePoint 'mercenary' company providing solution development to Microsoft partners and clients around the world. Radi is also an MCT training SharePoint across learning centers and universities. In his spare time he blogs, writes articles, runs web camps, plays guitar and leads the Web Platform User Group in Bulgaria. @RadiAtanassov
Securing your JavaScript SPA's and web API's with OAuth and Azure AD


Radoslav Stankov

radoslavStankov {

Radoslav is web developer for more than a decade. He believes that frontend and backend are equally important. In the last several years he is juggles between Ruby and Javascript projects. Currently works at Product Hunt.
Question and Answers Session


Sam Bellen

samBellen {

I'm Google Developer Expert who works as a Developer Evangelist at Auth0. At Auth0 we're trying to make authentication and identification as easy as possible, while still keeping it secure.
After office hours I like to play around with the web-audio API, and other "exotic" browser API's. One of my side projects is a library to add audio effects to an audio input using JavaScript.
When I'm not behind a computer, you can find playing the guitar, having a beer at a concert, or trying to snap the next perfect picture.
Knock knock, who's there? Authenticating your single page apps using JSON Web Tokens.


Svetlin Nakov

svetlinNakov {

Svetlin Nakov has 20+ years of technical background as software engineer, project manager, consultant, trainer, and digital entrepreneur with rich technical experience (blockchain, Web development, information systems, databases, C#, Java, JS, PHP, Python). Svetlin Nakov is a regular speaker at hundreds of conferences, seminars, courses and other trainings and holds a PhD degree in computer science. He is author of 13 books about computer programming and software technologies, lives in Sofia, Bulgaria and works as an passionate trainer and inspirer at SoftUni. Learn more at: http://nakov.com
Cryptography for JavaScript Developers


Wekoslav Stefanovski

wekoslavStefanovski {

Wekoslav Stefanovski has over a decade of professional developer experience using a variety of development technologies. Has been using JavaScript since before the turn of the century and has a long and fruitful love/hate relationship with it. Currently, works at Sourcico as Head of development. He is passionate about functional programming, static code analysis, compiler design and code quality metrics.
Make you a redux for fun and profit


Wekoslav Stefanovski

wekoslavStefanovski {

Wekoslav Stefanovski has over a decade of professional developer experience using a variety of development technologies. Has been using JavaScript since before the turn of the century and has a long and fruitful love/hate relationship with it. Currently, works at Sourcico as Head of development. He is passionate about functional programming, static code analysis, compiler design and code quality metrics.
Why JavaScript when you can see sharp?