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If you have the motivation and skills to present, why not become one of our speakers?

Feel free to submit a session topic here or scan the code to get in touch with us.

Adrian Oprea

adrianOprea {

I've been developing software since AJAX was a toddler. I've worked with a wide spectrum of technologies and encountered a similarly wide spectrum of challenges. I specialize in web application architecture and solving web-related problems using Docker.
If you don't use it, stop learning it


Alex Milanov

alexMilanov {

Full-stack developer with 15 years experience. Taught 3 web development courses. Participated, mentored and judged at over 15 hackathons.
His current passion is a live coding stream where he works daily on a sort of creative suite of open source apps based on web technologies which include:
- a Quake2 Level Editor from 99 inspired app with three.js and html5 canvas
- Music Studio based on webaudio api
- Wordpress `replacement` with markdown and git

Site: http://www.alexmilanov.com
LiveStream: https://livecoding.tv/alex-milanov
Github: https://github.com/alex-milanov/ https://github.com/iblokz/
Twitter: @alex_milanov_

Lessons Learned vol. 3


Anton Boyko

antonBoyko {

Founder and main speaker at Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Community. 10+ years in application development. Builds apps based on Microsoft Azure platform since 2011. Microsoft Azure technical expert. During free time creates new videos about Microsoft Azure for his own YouTube channel. Microsoft Azure MVP since 2014. Owner and one of the organizers of the most popular Microsoft Azure conferences in Ukraine: Azure Day and Global Azure Bootcamp.

Azure Functions - how to create a serverless web app


Arun Dsouza

arunDsouza {

Arun is a Full Stack JavaScript Engineer from New Delhi, India currently working with AdPushup Inc. on various Ad-Tech related technologies and products.

He wrote his first large scale ERP application in C++, while he was still in high school, since then he has been an avid technologist, specialising in the web domain. Being an Open Source enthusiast, he has released several utilities and libraries for AngularJS, NodeJS, JavaScript/JQuery, SASS/CSS etc.

He also enjoys playing drums, travelling and studying about UI/UX and Product Design.
Houdini - What lies ahead


Ethan Ram

ethanRam {

Ethan Ram is the head of the gaming department of SBTech, developing one of the most advanced gaming platforms in the market. Among his roles, he is leading the transformation the company from a monolith/proprietary-technologies era to the agile/open-source age. Ethan has extensive experience as an R&D Manager and a software architect in leading corporations, as well as a startup entrepreneur.
NodeJS and TypeScript – a modern software stack for 2017


Ilia Idakiev

iliaIdakiev {

Ilia Idakiev is a software developer / entrepreneur and a JavaScript enthusiast who has 7 years of experience in web application development.
He also organizes courses and participates in JavaScript-related events, and is a lecturer at Sofia University (Faculty Of Mathematics and Informatics).
In his spare time, he likes to practice his long-lived passion - buying records and mixing them.
Angular Server Side Rendering (using NodeJS)


Ivan Vlaevski

ivanVlaevski {

Ivan Vlaevski is a veteran software developer, architect and consultant focused on helping companies and individuals to succeed with their ventures.
As co-founder and Principal Consultant for Vlaevski Ltd., he provides guidance and implementation services to companies looking to leverage cloud computing in reasonable price range.
Ivan has worked for and consulted with companies from startups to large companies on a variety of programming languages and frameworks, business and product architectures, team sizes and production workflows, and more.
Enterprise grade microservices


Ivelin Andreev

ivelinAndreev {

Ivelin is an external ICT expert in the European Commission, Eurostars-Eureka programme and Innovation Fund Denmark. He is a software architect and senior project manager at Interconsult Bulgaria , Microsoft professional developer, Microsoft Data Platform and Azure specialist.
With 15 years of strong experience in design and development of Web systems, SOA, integration and data management he is a practical man who always tries to balance between risk and flexibility.
Never scared of work he has turned the weighing of pros and cons into own marked style that urges to make conscious decisions.
Machine Learning with JavaScript


Ivo Sabev

ivoSabev {

Experience software developer with 13 years of experience. In the past 2 years working exclusively with JavaScript, React/React Native, Relay and GraphQL. Passionate about good UX, jiu-jitsu and malt whisky.

Founder of Ufleet.io - last mile delivery and field force management platform featuring routing optimization, dispatch management, mobile app, detailed analytics and increased customer satisfaction through dedicated client interface.

Intro to Relay


Liran Tal

liranTal {

Liran is leading the core team for the MEAN.js JavaScript framework. He recently published Essential Node.js Security. Passionate about Open Source since an early age, he is continuously contributing to many projects on GitHub around Node.js, JavaScript, Docker, and Security.

Being an avid supporter and contributor to the open source movement, in 2007 Liran has redefined network RADIUS management by establishing daloRADIUS, a world-recognized and industry-leading open source project (http://www.daloradius.com).

Node.js Security: Breaking The Loop


Martin Chaov

martinChaov {

Martin is a Plovdiv based design and software enthusiast. Attention to detail and pedantry are part of his day-to-day work. He maintains an open mind and is always on the lookout for new technologies and opportunities to use them.
Currently he is part of a very focused team working with mobile technologies covering everything that has a touch screen interface.
SSE instead of Web-sockets for unidirectional data flow over HTTP/2


Maya Lekova

mayaLekova {

Maya started her career as a game developer and later moved to tooling and backend projects. She likes to create bridges between JS and native worlds and spend the summer of 2017 as an intern in Google's V8 team.
Diving into ES2015 proxy performance in V8


Radi Atanasov

radiAtanasov {

Radi Atanassov is a professional SharePoint architect, a Microsoft Certified Master in SharePoint 2010 and a die-hard "fanatic" when it comes to SharePoint application development. With many years full of development experience, Radi's background demonstrates strong ambitions to achieve the greatest quality, architecture, attention to detail and smooth processes when leading teams to create applications on top of SharePoint. Radi is the founder and lead architect of OneBit Software, a Sofia-based SharePoint 'mercenary' company providing solution development to Microsoft partners and clients around the world. Radi is also an MCT training SharePoint across learning centers and universities. In his spare time he blogs, writes articles, runs web camps, plays guitar and leads the Web Platform User Group in Bulgaria. @RadiAtanassov
ASP.NET Core: Practical and Relevant Techniques for Everyday Web Solutions


Radoslav Gatev

radoslavGatev {

Radoslav Gatev is a software consultant with strong experience in various technologies. He strives to deliver quality and performance while using the right architectural approach and leveraging the proper technology. Loves knocking down sophisticated problems as well as exploring the new technologies which are emerging in the cloud. He holds certificates for MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect and MCSE: Cloud platform and Infrastructure.
Building intelligent creatures w/ Azure Bot Service & Node.js


Radoslav Stankov

radoslavStankov {

Radoslav is web developer for more than a decade. He believes that frontend and backend are equally important. In the last several years he is juggles between Ruby and Javascript projects. Currently works at Product Hunt.
GraphQL with Apollo


Svetlin Nakov

svetlinNakov {

Svetlin Nakov (http://nakov.com) motivates thousands of young people to become software engineers. He is a book author, conference speaker, inspirational trainer, and motivator, a digital entrepreneur, with strong software engineering background. Svetlin is co-founder of the largest educational center in Bulgaria for practical training of software engineers and digitals skills - SoftUni (https://softuni.org), where thousands of young people get a digital profession and a job. His dream is to make Bulgaria the Silicon Valley of Europe.
Decentralized Apps with JavaScript, Web3, Ethereum and Solidity


Tara Z Manicsic

tara zManicsic {

Tara (@tzmanics) is a life-long student, teacher and maker. She has spent her career using JavaScript on both back-end and front-end to create applications. In her free time she works in her community to educate and learn from other developers. Tara launched & directs the Cincinnati Chapter of Women Who Code & the Cincinnati branch of NodeSchool. Beyond code, she likes to make things with other materials (wool, solder, clay) and hike any mountain she can get to with her trusty sidekick, #toshmagosh.
PWA All The Things!


Wekoslav Stefanovski

wekoslavStefanovski {

Wekoslav Stefanovski has over a decade of professional developer experience using a variety of development technologies. Has been using JavaScript since before the turn of the century and has a long and fruitful love/hate relationship with it. Currently, works at Sourcico as Head of development. He is passionate about functional programming, static code analysis, compiler design and code quality metrics.
Asynchrony on the Web